Kees van Andel and Karen Peace are a creative design team who met up in Amsterdam in the 80’s. Kees studied fine art & design in Amsterdam, and Karen hails from a corporate background in UK. Their lives are filled with magic and spirituality and through their jewellery designs, they seek to share with us their inner chest of fantastical treasures

Travelling in Asia in the 90’s they fell in love with the rich culture, vibrant colours and dazzling selection of high-quality gemstones available in this magical subcontinent.

They settled in 1999 in Goa, India to establish a new life and allow full space for their creativity. The result today is “Van Andel & Peace fine Jewellery”.




Van Andel & Peace is a luxury jewellery brand with a very distinctive style

Working with rich 22ct gold, Karen and Kees select gemstones for their depth of colour and purity, and then they create eye-catching combinations of light and textures that delight and amaze.
The jewellery is entirely hand crafted using ancient goldsmithing techniques. Each design is unique and is created from conception to finished piece by one single artist, personally overseen by Kees, with his meticulous attention to detail.

Van Andel & Peace draw their inspirations from ethnic Indian, as well as Victorian designs, blending traditional motifs with very contemporary styling. Their singular creations have been described variously as “Fairytale-Baroque” and “Chic-Antique”, where each piece begins as a vision that gradually evolves as the work progresses.

Following no set rules and confined by no boundaries, their jewellery is designed for women with a strong sense of individuality and style.

Van Andel & Peace : Beauty knows no Boundaries