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Opulent yet understated, classic yet contemporary, Van Andel and Peace is an ode to elegance and luxury and each perfectly crafted piece is a beauty to behold. We make sure that each piece of jewellery is distinctive, as no jewel is exactly the same as the other, you can be sure that your own special Van Andel & Peace design is unique for you and you alone. Our Van Andel and Peace jewellery is the perfect fit for the woman who loves the extraordinary, has a taste for luxury and a strong sense of individuality and style, and who loves to stand out in a crowd. We are proud to say our pieces have been handed down through generations as lifelong heirloom jewellery.

From delicate clean lines to diamond studded one of a kind beauties, each piece has been handcrafted and adorned with personally hand-picked precious and ethically sourced gemstones —think perfectly faceted and imperfectly natural, custom-cut gemstones. Our designs aim to spotlight the utter uniqueness of these natural stones; be it raw or polished, or uncut, and the result is a versatile range of necklaces, earrings, rings and more that can seamlessly transform from everyday to evening.

What sets us apart is each piece we create is a totally unique design and handmade from start to finish by one single artist in our private sustainable studio in Goa, India. We use organic traditional craft techniques and we are passionate about keeping these ancient crafts alive.

We are a local business. Our workshop is a bright happy place and we emphasise sustainable production methods. we personally monitor the process and quality of each individual ring, bangle, pendant or earring and our fine jewellery designs are a perfect marriage of eastern flamboyance and western precision. All our jewellery is environmentally friendly  and our silver and gold is pure, upcycled, non-toxic and nickel and cadmium free and of the highest quality.

Our Van Andel and Peace jewellery is currently available at our flagship store  "Cheshire Cat Goa"  phone/whatsapp +91 9822580898 and we ship worldwide

Van Andel and Peace