Gorgeous Garnet – The January’s Birthstone

This month’s edition of Van Andel and Peace is January’s birthstone “The Garnet” is filled with lore, legend, and beauty… Garnet is the birthstone for all January babies, it is one of the most revered of gemstones and is produced by mother earth in a startling array of colors and hues. The name “garnet” is derived from the Latin “granatum” meaning “pomegranate” because the crystals resemble the pomegranate’s red, round edible seeds, it comes in an array of many colors, like black as well as many shades of red and green, and can even be colorless. Green garnets are the most highly valued and very rare, followed by pure red garnets.

Dazzle your senses

Did you know that since the Garnet is connected with the base or root chakra it is a symbol of health and passion and enhances energy and pleasure? Wearing Garnet jewellery is very beneficial; for those who find themselves ungrounded or lacking energy, as it helps to move the chi and increase energy flow within the body. Among all the Garnet stones, Red Garnets are our favorite at Van Andel and Peace and also help you feel safer, it brings abundance and helps alleviate feelings of fear, worry and panic so you can let yourself feel more grounded and connected to the present moment.  Ancient warriors believed that garnets brought victory and the Crusaders used them as protection against wounds and accidents during their journeys. Across the Atlantic, pre-Columbian Aztecs and Native Americans also used garnets in their ornaments, they believed these garnets held medicinal powers and protected its wearer against poison, wounds and bad dreams, and cured depression.

Exceptional sparkle

Red garnets usually come in red-orange, red-brown or purple hues, its sparkle is so beautiful and captivating that it is referred to as “fire” by gemmologists. PS. If you want to see a Red Garnet sparkle it’s best, have a look at your gemstone in soft lighting, such as candlelight. Because it naturally occurs as big, clear crystals, it’s a great choice for showstopping statement jewelry pieces. Hint.  If this is your loved one’s birthstone, our Garnet jewelry at Van Andel and Peace will make a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s.

Where to find it

At Van Andel and Peace all our jewellery is hand-crafted by us, with love, care, and attention. We pour pure passion into each piece of unique jewellery.  We source all our stones personally, within India, where we live, and we do not stop searching until we find the perfect one! Our process of making jewellery is completely environmentally friendly and sustainable, all our gold and silver used locally sourced, non-toxic and of the highest quality. Our Garnet jewellery pieces are our favorite and range right from earrings to rings, have a look at a few ~

Our Garnet Tilak ring from Van Andel and Peace with a striking Garnet and orange and yellow sapphires set in 22ct gold (with a sterling silver band). Our Garnet mini Agni earrings from Van Andel and Peace with citrine and Rodalite garnets, set in sterling silver – An expression of unmatched brilliance

Elevate your outfit with our Garnet mystic ring from Van Andel and Peace with orange sapphires set in sterling silverOur richly hued Garnet gemstone mini chalice ring with real aquamarines and pink tourmaline set in sterling silver reflects the true essence of Van Andel and Peace.

Our enchanting Green Garnet crown ring set from Van Andel and Peace with diamonds makes a statement on magical summer nights.